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I met a ww2 fighter pilot, Stewart "Bomb" Finney, who flew Hurricanes and Spitfires in North Africa 1941-1942 with SAAF 1 Squadron. His memory is excellent and I interviewed him on camera. To make the interviews interesting I added some IL-2 animation, including bits of CoD.

Here an example: (5 minutes) Thanks to Cheruskerarmin for the SAAF hurricane skins, they look awesome! Used the great maps from Redko and dirt runway dust mod from Exhaton and Soccorrista, thanks again!

Mr. Finney has a heap of war time photographs. I made a web site to present the photographs, videos and other interesting and relevant stuff including his log book:

Any questions to Mr. Finney are welcome as I see him often.
Very nice job, and very toutching to see a real WW2 hero .
I have noticed that he talks about ' blue and red Ping Pong balls' when he describes what he saw as bullets and tracers passed him. That is very interesting regarding the whole tracer debate....If you have the chance to ask him if he remembers how firing tracers from his plane looked like, I think this could add to our knowledge data bank...

Thanks and very very good quality ' production' !

SAlute !
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