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Originally Posted by Moggy View Post
Thanks Trooper and Tinus. I wanted confirmation from an actual Hurricane pilot that he had to start the Hurri Mk.I on reserve (gravity) as opposed to main (which you can do in game and in the Mk.II). I must try and get hold of that book Trooper, my birthday is coming up so it's the perfect pressie I think!
'Flying Wartime Aircraft' covers handling notes for only 7 planes Moggy, just in case you didn't know.
  1. Hawker Hurricane
  2. Bell Airacobra
  3. Hawker Typhoon
  4. de Havilland Mosquito
  5. Bristol Beaufighter
  6. Vickers Wellington
  7. Consolidated Liberator

The Hurricane section covers the MkI, II, & IV; Sea Hurricanes I & II
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