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Originally Posted by Drvn1 View Post
I have made a previous post but figured I would post again... I play the game on the X box 360 and hope to meet with you guys in the air very soon.. Eastern time zone.. My love for planes comes from my dad.. i remember him drawing me a picture of one when I was a very small kid.. He worked on P3's for 40 years at NAS Jax and will be missed greatly...

My favorite plane in RL is the P 47 Razorback.. Favorite plane in the game is yet to be decided but I have scored nicely on a friends PS3 with a lowley hurricane... I seem to have a hard time with the spitties though while in that thing lol... Havent figured out how to get the upper hand against a spitfire and it seems like everyone uses them now days...
Razorbacks rule !!!
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