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Originally Posted by USA Trucker View Post

Remember, a simulation is suppose to imitate something.
Well, RnR *IS* imitating truck driving. Up to its limits and goals.

What you are asking for is to make RnR clone of 18WoS... which is nonsense and not gonna happen. Sorry.

However, some of the tips you guys give haven't passed unnoticed. It just not the matter of patch or hotfix to implement them.

Originally Posted by pook View Post
Most players play missions out of curiosity as the story goes.
Sry but do you really have an ability to speak on behalf of the most players?

Look, nobody arguing with the statement that trailers behaviour is hardly realistic. But then again, if it was realistic enough to allow you parallel parking, how many times would you do 'this trick' by itself, not asking by the game? Twice, maybe, just to be sure it works? There is just no need to do it. It is so by design.
Sorry, this game is really about missions, deliveries and competiton, all hardcore cutted.

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