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Its not pirated...dont worry I borrowed it from my grandmother....Honestly I would shoot myself if I wasted my money on this game. However...if they ever straighten it out and do away with the racing element,and fix the driving psysics...ill buy it...but I always try before I buy if possable cause ive been ripped A FEW times on games that are advertised better than they really are.sorry for the spelling but im an impatient

That It would have been nice to have the game with the graphics but keep the gameplay like UK or German trucker game...I mdont understand how a company can make so many good games as far as driving psychics go and then fail so bad on this doesent make sence.all the other games are great for driving and graphics...i have always wondered why they didnt use more than 140 megs to make a game that looked so good.For instance a game like UK trucker would have so much more places to go if they would use the whole disk...keep the graphics and game play intact and add more places to go.If they used the whole disk you could go all the way down route 66 for im just rambling know what i mean.

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