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Originally Posted by Valis View Post
Sad news, indeed.

I have also question (and request) about tools. Do you have any editor that would work with English Dominators/Reboot version and allow unpack text quests, then repack them back into appropriate file? there is a guy called Starcleaver who is cleaning up (and made a darn good job I must say) SR2 English translation, but he cannot do anything about text adventures, because lack of tools. Could you somehow help him out? Here is his topic on, where he mentions the issues he has (also in last post). He had also a topic on Steam boards also, if it helps.
Since I'm not registred neither on Stardock nor Steam forums, I have to answer here. Yes, there's text adventures editor called TGE, for "Text Games Editor", and it's freely available for anyone. The package includes the editor itself, equations calculator and export\import tool, which is able to dump all quest text into one *.txt or *.rtf file, which later, of course, could be imported back into the quest map (the *.qm file).

Because one of ex-members of our team no longer paying for the server on which was located, I've uploaded archive to our own site - here's link (7-Zip self-extractable, 1.21 Mbytes). The only downside I can foresee - all these tools available in Russian only. I've no info about any homebrew translation of them.

Since all the *.qm files are stored inside *.pkg-archives, Starcleaver should also use SR ResEditor in order to be able unpack PKG, made necessary changes, and build new archive.

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