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Default Space Rangers HD - Ground Battles


for those that still face difficulties fighting the Ground Battles, tomorrow I'll upload a video explaining everything in the tutorial mission. Wanted to upload it today but 25GB aren't uploadable (and even if they are, my Internet is not anywhere near fast enough xD). So watch this space, I'll post tomorrow with the video-link. Tutorial-mission is 49 minutes explaining basics like UI and what equipment you can choose for the robots but also fighting-tips against the AI-robots.
If anyone is interested in me also doing some featured maps (so maps that do not work great with the standard-tactics), if I don't get around doing every single map (most likely, as university is more important), feel free to post the mapname. Also I'd like to mention one thing now I forgot to tell in the video: Train by replaying the tutorial-mission over and over. I'm explaining what to look for while fighting first person, you only need training to successfully utilize the tips.
Ok, posting the link tomorrow.
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