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Originally Posted by ShadowTek View Post
Hi everyone, I know its been since crosswords that Ive been around, but this place is really quiet about this game, 1C even more so. Why no dedicated forum for Darkside? No Mod forum? No comments in here at all on it from 1C?

Personally I find the game very entertaining, I skipped kings of the north, but I like this option of playing the dark side

Ive made a few small mods for it like all skills for all classes, but there is no forum for posting anything. Anyway just wondering where all the players are at.

I never bought Dark Side since i read so many complaints about the game, Another reason was that I made a huge mod/ expansion for crossworlds, and just got tired of kb for a time cuz I made over 100 hours of testplay the mod and solve the bugs.
And surely it was to late for that mod, seems like a lot of people disappered from this forum to other games, tired of how the new devs handles this game and just trying to milk out more Money from a great Product.

Dagmar - you should be able to use the editor from crossworlds for the game if you want to edit some stuff.
Move the editor to Dark side directory and then open up what u want to do

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