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Originally Posted by raknefne View Post
To Sirlancelot:

Level 4: Did you mean, there were too many level 4 to hire early game compared to level 1-3? There's some randomness too here, could be different in another game, but I'll have a look.
No, simply remark the attractiveness of going with a group of level 1-3 creatures for a while. If you see many level 4 creatures to hire, quickly end with a party only composed with them.

What I mean is, some creatures don't have their moment to shine.

Map visibility: If you don't have a photo, maybe just describe which map and what area for the arena, then I'll have a look. Some arenas are different with new tactics, for instance when you come to Lower Trent map, there are NO chests to be digged up, but there're more chests to find IN battle (a man tells you when early on that map).
Don't worry, whenever I come across a simmilar situation, I'll take some screenshots.

EDITED: Ok, let's see first a photo with a normal, common frontal perspective:

Now, the diagonal/isometric perspective I was referring to:

No matter how you move/position the camera, the upper right corner has a poor visibility. This situation can be aggravated if the area is crowded by large pictures of creatures. For example, of horsemen or dragons.

"Mini boss" question: Have you have a fight with the tougher heroes with no retreat option, sort of a mini-boss fight? There is 1 on Jerneland, 1 in Sprudne etc. The one on Sprudne has tons of goodies behind it, including a 1-2 free level 5 units. Also did you try some of the bosses?
No, not yet. I didn't feel forced to do so to progress, so I'm still waiting the perfect moment; the instant I predict my power is high enough to avoid heavy casualties.

Bug (maybe is important):


I reached Sprudne and started kitting, exploring the map. Then I spoke with both Brylhar and Grot and got their missions/quests.

I couldn't find the missing stolen supplies robbed by pirates. No idea where they were. And "Sea Dog" was labelled as "Very Strong". Thus I decided to start the Grot quest. I found the former orc female transformed in a frog. Talked to her, spared her life and return to Grot. Grot persuade me to put the frog to rest, and so I did. Then I returned to the castle and Grot wasn't there. Spoke with Brylhar, who apologised and inform me that Grot had lost his mind. And point me out to speak with him. I did, and then, to my surprise, the shaman congratulated me for solving the three quests:

However, Jhon "Sea Dog" and the missing supplies quests remain active and incompleted.

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