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Originally Posted by roptor90 View Post
Further observations from this site:

Instinct you were asked about it even by Rock, Paper, Shotgun the question was:
"Is it still using the GEM engine? Isn’t that engine getting a bit old now? How much can you actually improve on it?"

You answered it there but the toughts about it are:

You have 1 person which is responsible for programming according to credits from MOWAS2.
You have "sixteen times the level of detail" compared to what ?? Soldiers Heroes of WW2 from 2004 ?
The today visual standards are absolutely elsewhere for example most noticable change like paralax/bump mapping was curent 7 years ago.
In other words what you curently do with this obsolete middleware engine is only chasing the competition better said time. The year where you actually stopped at the moment is year 2005-2008... Today is 2014 and the competition stands not on same place of course.

Thats nice and what will be the goal or result of it in long run ?
Same game as AS1 just more polished and optimized with steamworshop support... How is that relevant ?

Still how about AI ? nowaday GFX and gameplay improvements ?
People are frustrated enough with broken pathfinding, stupid scripted AI covered and counterweighted by enourmous numbers...
But also micromanagement (which is nice feature, nothing against it) but it multiplies the frustration even more. What about newbies ?

Its really so hard to change the engine ? This title should had been AAA for many years now, not just secondary "ah what`s that" title over 10 years !

And again Instinct not sure if you trolling but what about your words?
"It's easier to build a game from scratch on a new engine, than porting it."

So where is the problem ?
Money? Hardly, Tripwire, Jackbootgames and tens of other denies it.

And once more updating dead GEM engine is pointless when you have at least 3 AAA engines which offers a indie license for equal amount of money as the "GEM engine update/uprgrade/boost" budget.
So the difference is ?

PS: Instinct stop dreaming about your Infinity Ward or Bohemia Interactive story please.

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