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Originally Posted by ORPHEUS ZERO View Post
Please excuse my interjection on this one. There are several obstacles here to contend with that I can see.
1) temperment- We all get flustered when someone shoots at us. A psychological occurance that is welcome to your opponent. It is much easier to take down an enemy who is not thinking clearly than one who has maintained his calm. Your opponent WILL use this against you.
2)rockets (adavantage)- all technological advantages in warfare are infact unfair, therfore there is no such thing as a fair fight. Wether in terms of technology, performance charicterisics, or skill; someone will be at a disadvantage. That being said; it is most often the case that in order to gain an advantage one must trade-off for a disadvantage in another area. Ie: altitude/speed, armor/agility, or speed/turn radius etc.

This leads to but one conclusion! Change tactics! I have personally dogdged many 40mm rockets. If fired close they are hard to miss with you say? Well then keep the shooter at a distance. I'd the rocket chucking anti-historian and see to it he has a very hard persuit. If he gets close...evade. Those rockets drop like stones and are much slower than bullets. Or fly a fighter.

Bottom line if you find yourself full of made at least one mistake too many. The flaw is always in your tactics if you loose. To paraphrase Sun Tsu- battles are not won by the victor...they are lost by the defeated.

Try and keep a cool head man, and I promise you'll find your victory! Good luck, good hunting, & God speed!
Are you a pastor? I swear you were talking about me!! HAHAHA!!! Well put...