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Default Cannot end battle of Sidi Bou Zid:ToW2:Africa

Ok im REALLY mad.
I go through all this,(garbage scripting,bugs,enemy PIN POINT sniper like artillery strikes,unrealistic penetration values,crap frame rates,cheating A.I.,etc...) just to get to the point to where i have killed or destroyed all the enemy units on the ENTIRE map and the mission will not end.
The only objective left is to "kill all the enemy units in the village" and i have killed EVERY unit on the map.
I have a unit inside every building(the ones left standing) in the village and the mission will not end.
I have tried to capture all the remaining german guns to see if it will end.
I hvae then unmaned the german guns.
I have searched every inch of the maps three times,nothing makes a difference.
I am running Version 1.3.0.
As badly as i have found the scripting in this game i am really NOT surprised that i have this problem.
I spent hours on this battle for NOTHING?
Could somebody PLEASE help me out here?
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