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Default Same prob. Any help?

I also bought the Amazon download (Cryostasis) over the holidays - it was on sale for $3.25. Necrovision was not much more.

Anyway, I'm having the same problem patching the game as the initial poster. The message comes up that the game is not installed on my computer, which of course, it is. I've tried running the patch from the game directory itself, but to no avail. It simply won't patch the game or even find it.
I checked the .exe, it is the Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason file version 1.0 - so it is unpatched.

I suspect like so many other games I downloaded from Amazon, it is NOT the US version. Chome was the Euro version, Necrovision was not the US version, and several other games were either British version or Euro version but in English.

So, is there a patch available yet? I'd appreciate the link to it if you have it.

Anyone found a patch for Alpha Prime either?

Many thanks'
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