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Remember that there are more Elves than just the girls, so don't discount everything but the Fairies/Dryads/Sprites. How about Neoka plus some Silver equipment (horn?) in an all-Elf army [== +3 Morale], telescopic sight with Elf & Hunter to sit back and plink while your (possibly Ancient) Ents get teleported to the front to tank?

Play around with different things, rather than getting yourself closed into one specific way of looking at what's available.



On your "outcasts" army I would rather take a blank stack than include Berserkers: after the first time they killed the army that I was keeping alive to farm mana, I decided I'd never use them again.

Sea Dogs, on the other hand, are one of my favorite units of all time. It's true that Cerberus will *always* get the three-way attack... but I typically don't get access to them until later. Knights take a lot of skill development to get their circle attack--I have *never* played a game where I trained up to it--but Sea Dogs are a unit that I can get fairly early, lead a lot of them, they're low enough level to be able to use Ressurrect/Time Back on fairly early... just not enough good things to say about them.

So much so, that I was interested to see in my KB:AP game that I just finished (first time through, finally!) where I shifted to single-stack Black Knights at the end--dishing out 30K+ damage in single hits to dragons & bosses & whatnot--that the Sea Dogs from earlier in the game had *still* inflicted 28% of the total damage whereas the the Black Knights only did about 23%.
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