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Default Tried It

I tried this mod, unfortunately I could not get past the training dungeon. The first fight against the earth dragons was a nightmare. They had so much health, and the enemy hero kept casting heals that would fully restore all of their health (3200+ health a cast). None of my spells did a dang thing, as flame arrow did something like 100 damage to these dragons with 6k ish HP. After spending 15 minutes finally winning that fight (and losing too many units) I continued on. I had to use one of the geyser scrolls to beat the necromancer, and even then I lost a decent chunk of units. The last test, the first fight killed me off even using a geyser scroll. Keep in mind this is on normal difficulty, and in the original version of the game I could win these fights with my mage with flawless victories. This seems like a quite insane learning curve. Also, in my opinion the increased HP makes the fights unnecessarily long. Especially with the dragon fight. Those are my two cents on this mod, even though I did not get very far. Also was not a fan of gimping the mage, removing their best ability (double cast) seems like it would hurt the viability of the entire archetype quite a bit. Then again, I did not get very far, so who knows.
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