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Originally Posted by HANSVEBEL View Post
hi Nike it, i wanted to say that the game is gantastic, i am hving though some problems with certain missions in the single palyer. in blazing lands some missions like the last one is going very slow and i can play it with difficulty. also in other missions this also happens. i was wondering is it something you know and fix with a patch or is it my pc?
i have a pentium 4 (3.0), envidia 7600 gs (saphfire), ram 1,50 gb, plenty of space harddrive, windos xp ser. pack 2,
can you help?
First of all, specify who is the publisher of your version (Aspyr, 505 games, Gamersgate and etc.). The patch will be released very soon, but in any case send a detailed DirectX report (dxdiag) to our support (
Also if the game just dpops amoutn of FPS then it is most likely the problem of video card. Try to use low resolution, if it still runs slow, then it is a game bug. Game freezes is a known issue and it should be solved with the patch.

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