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Originally Posted by RoTTenbox View Post
Hi, Id just like to say that im experiencing the same sort of slowness during missions and freezing of the game. I tried lowing all my setting and it does run a little better, i mean i can still play it and enjoy it, but the quallity of the game looks shithouse on low settings compared to max settings.Im running a Pentium D 3.6gig cpu, on an ASUS Striker Extreme m/b with an ASUS 8800 GTS 320MB card, normally i run 4G of DDR2 RAM but 1 shit itself so i have only been running 3G with Men of War, but i wouldnt have thought dropping from 4G down to 3G could cause that much drama because Windows XP can only recognise up to 3.60G of RAM anyways. I also play World in Conflict which is very heavy on Graphic's and physics etc, and i run it on max setting as smooth as.
So as far as im concerned its got to be a game issue and im really hopeing its corrected with the upcoming patch. I mean i can only play the missions on easy setting because any higher and it lags even more.
Anyway i still love the game and have been playing it alot, but it would be heaps better without the lag.
Im new to the forum so im not sure, but it looks like everyone is directing there queries to "Nike It" so if you could let me know if my PC is powerfull enough or not ?
Oh and one more thing, i did notice that the missions run better playing them in the editor, dont know if thats of any help or what but yeah they do run better. Has anyone else noticed this ?
Your system is good enough for MoW, slowdowns and freezes should be fixed in the upcoming patch.
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