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One thing I hope we can do is give better weapons and armor to our AI team members. That's one thing I always tried to do in FallOut 3 and you always had to "pickpocket" them to give them better weapons and if you didn't have a high enough chance and you failed in the roll and got spotted, they'd turn on you. Who wouldn't want a better weapon in a desperate and dangerous environment? That was crazy.

Also I read that there will be conceptual commands that you can issue to party members. Will those be like: protect me, engage my target, stay here, patrol here, on me, pick that up or carry that, some types of different party formations such as column, line, triangle?

Also we can only have 3 in our party? is this correct?


Can we pick up killed enemy weapons? To use or sell or trade with? Can we use our party members inventories or ruck / back packs to help carry stuff?

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