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Originally Posted by The_Goalie_94 View Post
THey will probably give it out for free after the update like BF BC did because it is now impossible to get it. Plus, its my favorite F/B of WWII, cant wait to fly it. Im waiting on the game so it is perfect when i get bugs or MP cheap shots.
The patch isnt gonna make the game perfect, just better. As it is now multiplayer is still a lot of fun if you find a good group of people to play with (most are members here) and you find that your kill scores arn't all important anymore just having a good dogfight with a friend is enough, and thats not even counting the great sp missions and campaigns. Sounds like you really want the game so buy it now man, you're missing out by waiting.

Ok, about the P-47. I wonder how it handles compared to the P51D. It should be worse, but how can it be? At least it should be able to take a pounding and still fly. But I just got a feeling that nobody would use it online.

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