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Default Simple way to get money

Just found out recently... hope this help your financial problem in the game...

One member in a team must have 150 in trade skill to achieve maximum benefit.
Goto market place in northen city. Trade with Martha (the only one who sell modified weapon).

1. Buy pipe rifle (we call it PR from now) or heavy pipe rifle (HPR). Buy a telescope (T). The weapon's price is always random, try to get 18.026 for PR or 162.062 for HPR. Telescope's price is always 44.999.
You spent 63.025 for PR & T or 207.061 for HPR & T.
(Note: re-load saved game, if you don't get that price).

2. Attach the telescope to the weapon (PR or HPR) and sell it back to get 108.026 for PR-T or 252.062 for HPR-T.

3. Notice, that you will get 45.000 instantly.

4. Save game & reload it, to reset item on Martha. if you want to reach some amount for your money, repeat this, go back to number 1.

10 times doing this, you will get 450.000 (almost half million)
20 times doing this, you will get 900.000 (almost one million)

So you don't have to collect all cheap item in the game such as mushroom, pitchfork, clothes, pants, axe, knife, and others for money.

I can't get more than 45.000 for other item, if you found profit more than 45k for other item, please let me know. Thanks.
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