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Default Coaches...

Better get all the team member, before doing skill upgrade from the coaches, or the other member will lose the chance to upgrade their skill.

Except for trade skill, thief skill, & repair skill. these skill are consider as a party skill, meaning, the game will looking one member in the team who has the highest point.

When we increase our skill, the skill will require 1 free skill point for every point in the skill, up to 100. after that the skill will require 2 free skill point for every point in the skill.
So before going to coaches, better upgrade all the character up to 100.
The coaches will give 2xINT increasing.

That means, if I have 9 in INT. I will receive 18 points from the coaches. If I already have 100 in the skill. I will get 118 in the skill. 18 which need 36 free skill point normally.
If I only have 50 in the skill, the coaches will add 18 to 50, that will be 68. which only need 18 free skill point normally. I hope you understand. sorry for my english.
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