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Originally Posted by Mick View Post
... looks like the DVD version will NOT have/need Steam ....

"Finally, if you buy the physical version of the game, there will be no need to download anything additional in order to play the game. An internet connection will be required to activate the game, and for online play, but that is it. The game only uses SteamWorks for match-making and not the Steam DRM."

Source :

That one made my day guys ...
I read that at the community forums. I thought that Steams digital distribution did not have DRM's and the Update function on steams digital downloads is the ability to do away with DRM's.

Kinda like double speak. It sounds a little better though. Now the other question. Are the digital downloads region specific? Meaning can I buy a digital download from the UK and have it unlocked in the US on its Steam activation day in the UK?
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