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RAF campaign;
First mission Six pm. I miss my take off. I get a stern reminder of flight procedures, plane and I are ok, my self-confidence not! End of mission.
Second mission 4 am. Perfect take off. Nearly one hour patrolling along the coast from East Bourne to Bournemouth and Back. Controller signal Germans in our sector but they remain out of sight. Landing ok! Weather ok with fragmented clouds.
Third mission 9 am. same day. Mission intercept German bomber over Bournemouth at 12000 ft. Take off and the climb is all ok, I did encounter a pair of 109’s but they did not engage me and I could not engage the109 because the altitude advantage the 109 had. Found 18 110 above the Isle of Wight at 15000 ft. Tried to jump them but they spotted me and in the following short dogfight in downed one and had to bailout due to battle damage. Landed safely on the ground and got back to base by train. First victory confirmation by some naval observer was waiting for me at the home base. Flight time recorded 45 min. Squadron losses two aircrafts, one pilot. Squadron victories 3 110 destroyed, 3 110 probable, and 2 110 damaged.

I hope you like this!
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