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Mission four. Day 3 take off at 8 am. Mission intercepts some bomber Bembridge airfield at 7000 Ft. so the briefing says. It is a long climb and the bombers are not at the “rendez-vous”! Not yet arrived and they are higher than announced by the plotter, more than 15000 ft. a difficult climb followed and a pursuit of 9 he111 p2 only after 15 min did I overtake them hit one and lose control of my plane to regain it only after losing 2000 feet of altitude. The last plane of the group is badly hit and is losing altitude and is contact with his group, he is ready for the final killing hits. Some minutes later it is done and a wheel down, an engine streaming smoke and a radiator some white smoke, the plane losing fast altitude this all ends in a great splash of water. But my engine also has problems oil is at 100° and glycol 85°. The engine runs normally I dive, in a swallow from 1300 feet’s to ground level from Brighton to Wilmington Airfield where I land without a problem other than my engine does size up the moment I reduce the rpm’s when I touch the ground. One official He111 victory for me a second German bagged. All ammo gone for one plane down this Germans are tough buggers. Weather clear without clouds no wind to speak of. No one else did intercept the Germans.
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