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Default Cheat Code to Give an Item?

I was using the KBScanner to set up a nice run on my nth run through the game on impossible, and the class 2 intellect ring I was expecting to get from Zombie Noric isn't dropping. Unfortunately, I have the habit of saving over most of my old games, and the oldest one I still have doesn't drop the ring either. (I have read that item rewards can change during the game. Perhaps me getting the Chest of Rage changed my reward to the useless scroll case instead of the ring.

Is there any way to cheat and give myself the item? Or perhaps to give my character the bonus of +3 intellect that I was going to get with the ring after 50 battles? I've checked the forums and can't find any code like that.



Edit: I've pressed on and fought Noric at levels 5-8, and he gives a different item every time! I've seen him give the case, baton, fire necklace, and one other that I forgot. Maybe the ring was only available on level 1, or will come up at a higher level. I'll keep trying and post my findings.

Also, I read in another post on set bonuses that someone said "just give yourself the missing item" or something to that effect. So, was/is there a definite way to give yourself an item?

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