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Hey, can you help me edit my game ? I found out that the Necromancer's Tower that has my Telescopic Sight is the one that only lets you trade after you finished his quest to bring him Red Dragon Eggs and by all means, they're impossible to get without fighting the Dragon troops there and the place is too crowded even bother kiting 2 or 3 troops at the same time.

I tried those codes and it only works on a few and sadly also:

item telescopic_sight

doesn't give me the item. The chatbox opens, I type it and nothing is in my inventory or equipment slot.

Can you check if it works for you and if not, do you know what the name of the code is that the item relates to ? I'm too far advanced in the game to just crop it now...

€dit: seems like there was a problem with the first slot in the inventory. I had to remove Fandor's Map from the first position of the inventory, close the hero screen and open it again and there it was. I decided not to delete my post in case someone runs into the same problem with a few items. I noticed it does the same thing for other items, too.

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