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Default When to get Inquisition as a Paladin

The answer of course depends in part on what recruit-able armies and available/rewarded items you get, but I'm wondering at what point I should go down the path of Inquisition.

I figure as a Paladin, I'll probably end up getting it at some point since I'll have so many Mind runes. So far I'm Level 9 and decided to bee-line to Runic Stone (have only used it once so far) instead of working on Inquisition pre-reqs. My reasoning is that I wanted to get Distortion and Chaos to level 1 early so I could scribe my scrolls (in particular Sacrifice which I found early in Darion). I found 70 Inquisitors at the Furious Paladin but it is the only source in Darion and Western Islands; haven't been beyond there. Priests of course are uber-plentiful. I currently have enough leadership for 29 Inquisitors and haven't gotten any killed yet. I don't have Archmage yet (decreased leadership requirements for Inquisitors and other mages) though I have the prereqs.

I guess I'm just thinking that by the time I have enough runes for all of the prereqs for Inquisition, that Inquisitors will be useless or close to useless, other than perhaps to aid in Sacrifice/Resurrect to increase un-recruitable enemies. But it still seems to me like I'd rather get Order 3 and Distortion 3 (they're both at 2 now) and maybe some other skills before starting the trudge down to Inquisition.

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