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Originally Posted by Frantishek View Post
Looks fantastic!

But major factual errors(!!):
1. Nose gunner never sat like that. I have never seen a seat mounted there, plus physically there is no space to put the feet like that!

2. The Top Gunner, gun is not fixed on the bar but pivots on it, so it would be loose and point straight up (due to weight of back end).
*if* the bar position was to rear, then the barrel would be pushed aft by the wind.

3. The DG radio antenna, the reddish object just in front of top gunner, is completely wrong shape.
1. I do recall seeing pictures with a gun mounted on that location.

2. Apart from the gun swinging back because of the wind I don't see a problem or an error there. The gunner might still be alive... Actually:

Screen 1 - pilot dead, bombardier dying. Top and waist gunners alive.
I suggest that you look at picture no. 3 where the gunner is dead.

3. I'll leave that for someone else to reply.

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