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Hi there,

After years of waiting for the original Storm of War (now Cliffs of Dover) I finally invested into this game. However I can't even start it. The game launcher unexpectedly crashes after starting.

Min specs mentioned are: Win Xp/Vista/ 7 DirectX 9.0C. I am running Win 7 with 9.0c
as my card is the latest from the nVidia 7 series (7900) and does not support Direct X 10.

I have just read that Win 7 version doesnt support Dx9.0c. Does it mean I won't be able to play this game at all ? If not,is there any chance of refund ? After I played Birds of Prey,which run with very good fps on my comp I am totally disappointed. I expected this game (especially after so many years of development) to be optimised well.


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