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Originally Posted by trk29 View Post
Not only are you using profane language but you also put it in the thread title. Nice one!

And to some your opinion might be insulting as well. This game is for consoles so the "simulation aspect" you are looking for is not as the same as pc but this community thinks that Gaijin didn't a pretty damn good job of giving us the best "flight near simultion" that we have ever had on a console. It has it's downfalls but we love it.
Well, again, I cannot see, how my oppinion about this game can or should be insulting - I wasn't being personal, not at all. And in case someone was insulted, it surely can't be my fault.
Il-2 BoP and WoP for that matter, is a game and this, the proper and official forum. If not here, where else can I post my complaints about the game???

Edit: THIS IS THE CONSOL forum - I get it and will "shove it" from here on (and just to clarify why I chose to use this forum. There are no other official forum for WoP)...

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