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Originally Posted by BH_woodstock View Post
so what you are saying that the client server browser does absolutely nothing
Please quote where I said the server browser does absolutely nothing.

My point is that in il2 the ingame server list was never used the way this one is and suggesting that it be "looked" at is all.I am not trying to insult any ones intelligence here.
It's pretty obvious to most of us that you have an agenda here. You want them to find a problem with the server browser so that there's a case to be made for returning to HL. Steam and the steam server browser works fine for literally hundreds of other games. It's not a problem with steam, it's a problem with the game. Going to a barely-functional 3rd party lobby is going to create more problems than it solves. With the exception of global chat, steam and the ingame server browser do everything better than HL or the lobby ever did. I don't want the community fractured even more than it already is, thank you very much.

Try not to be so negative all the time.
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