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well, I don't remember red pilots accepting their porked planes, or blue pilots mocking them by saying "you have to fight with what you have" back when the situation was viceversa..

too bad the blue pilots restrained their complains about their planes, and never got so vocal as the red faction, as they understood the red planes were actually more porked by theirs.

yet, you can damn bet we will fight with what we do have

but at least add altitude bomber flights (even have them a little bit lower, to not force poor reds struggle too much) and reds having to attack and destroy them while blues have to protect them. And this should be the way the victory is counted on BoB server: for blues in how many ground targets their bombers have destroyed, and how many of them went back alive, while for reds viceversa that would drag the reds from down the deck, and provide a much closer BoB experience for both parties.

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