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Originally Posted by adonys View Post
you all forget the biggest porking a blue side pilot has to deal with: the extremely limited visibility of this game engine.

it's easy to say "just fly at 5k and do BnZs" but actually flying at 5k means you see nothing beyond 2k underneath you.. so, do BnZs on.. what?!! thin air, and just a thin hope there's something underneath you?

I'm constantly flying at 4-5k, but the game is simply empty in there. the reds won't climb up there, unless they are forced too. and that can only be done by having bomber flights and make them primary target for mission's success.

it's even worse for bombers, and especially for the stuka.

also, the second biggest porking comes from server's missions. air war is simple: bombers flew to blow targets, fighters were trying to prevent them doing that, while the bombers' escorts were trying to protect them. everything else comes from this.

as long as missions don't have massive blue bombers formations trying to blast red island's from the face of the earth, and code for organizing the escorts/attackers, we won't have historical combat encounters on these servers, but just an elevated form of the old airquake..
i agree with the boom n zoom technique and the visibility problems...its really hard to dive on something that just completely disappeared few hundred meters in front of you.
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