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My wanna be best score, but I missed two quests... but well... I done it in 6 days... I would never believe it is possible... was hell difficult play...
Not to say, I had possibly ye worst randomness ever... wishing wells were giving me only money, levelups brought often mana/int... (as you can see, I have INT 21 or so... WHY? no need!) I was not able to complete at least one set of arteafacts (only set was scope + ale... pche!) spells that would be fine if I would be mage, or if I would not run with time, and be only with the army I bought last time... I was able to get skill "reserve" when I did not need it anymore... enemy armies had too often non-living units... my poor vamps had noone to suck blood from... I got sacrifice 1 hour before I finished the game... hell, no luck....
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WOK pan? You sure mean WOG...
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