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Originally Posted by treesniper View Post
This is on the steam version of the game.

I haven't played 1946 for about a year now, and was looking to get back into it and try out some of the amazing mods this game has. However, on launch, after the game had loaded 50% I begin to experience insane stuttering across my entire PC (a video I was watching on my second monitor started stuttering as well), and my cursor felt like it had mouse acceleration enabled and only responded to inputs every other second. I have re-installed the game three times now with no luck in resolving the problem. I have deleted the Program files for the game, and verified the cache after installing.

My specs:
Windows 10
GTX 980ti
AMD FX 8350
The game is installed on a 1TB Harddisk drive

This is the only game I have experienced an issue like this with.

The game will eventually launch and runs fine, but only after about 10 minutes of loading where I'm practically locked out of my computer, as opposed to the 15 second max load times I got when I last played a year ago.
What version are you launching ?

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