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Victor - Starts at level 1

Starts with two skill trees, typical medieval weapons and skills (bows swords armor and what not), and the technological skill tree (chainsaws and guns)

A little into the game, after the first real boss fight, Victor will gain his magic spell tree. Its 25 skills I think, 6 for each of 1 elements and 1 ultimate one. Once you have the initial initiation (automatic storyline events) you'll gain unlock the 5 lower level spells for that element (level requirements remain). Second initiation gets you the highest level spell for that element. I dunno what the requirement is for the ultimate spell, haven't gotten that far yet .
Water-Fire-Air-Earth. The earth initiation took me a looong time to reach.

Later, in the mid-20s id guess, youll get another skill tree of sorts, its 4 skills, the highest level ones from the four animal tribes.

So far the spells are the only ones unique (mostly atleast ) to Victor

There may be more skill trees, if I get another Ill post.

Telle - Starts at Level 2
Healer, and damn good at it! Well, you're only real healer, I doubt you can rely on potions throughout the game. She has a couple buffs, the armor one is quite nice, a couple instant death spells, but mainly shes going to be popping eva's tear over and over keeping people alive

She takes a couple breaks from you early in the game, but returns both times.

Outskirter - Starts at level 3?
Well, hes the first human you fight in this game, after beating him youre given a choice. There's one option which is clearly the storyline option (hint: listen to mysterious voices!), pick it, and dont then kill him. A little bit later he'll join you with 4 level 3 followers who will follow you around in that area. He has the medieval skill tree.

Rada - Starts at 3? 4?
Well, you'll get her in the second area, a quest is required for her to stick I think, though I didn't experiment when not doing it so I am not sure. She has the Wolf Clan skill tree. She make an incredible tank once she gets the ability to transform into a wolf. Evasion off the charts with a huge bonus to hp. The bonus to strength gives her a nice melee attack, no doubt in my mind this is the way to take her if you want to be most effective.

Dwarf - level...10?
Names escapes me, but he is a techno tree (hey, hes a dwarf ).

Loy - level..16?
Cat tree, wants to be melee, but isnt as good as Rada. So far, it feel slike she is a jack of all trades. She has a merchant skill, a healing spell (cool down is always 10 seconds..I think) Cant transform for nearly the boost rada gets, but she does have a skill that gives a 50% bonus to damage at level 1. Im not a fan, she just kinda sits around when I use her.

Some Bear Guy - level 18
Some bear guy, I cant remember the name again, didn't use him. Glanced at his skills and saw nothing impressive. Meleer, which isn't useful unless youre tough as hell, and he didnt have an armor or evasion boosting skill. I was less than impressed

Water Mage - 26?
Just got him! As you can tell, its kinda late in the game, but man! Im still experimenting with his skills. As you can guess, he has most of the obnoxious skills youve been hit with by water mages this game. The ice prison is incredible - Im actually thinking of using him constantly just for it. Freeze them half the time means halves the incoming dps (okay,not really,but whatever) He has a water summon, many characters do actually.

So far, thats all!

Most are pretty clear, put the cursor over them and it'll say how it effects others.
The only stuff that maxes out at 100 are armor and elemental resistance. Elemental resistance is pretty effective. If you're getting nailed by a caster, find out who they are targeting and put every resistance armor on them. Boost it to 100% and you'll all but eliminate the incoming damage, regardless of the level of the mage. This is great for the first couple boss fights against mages.

If you find you need a few more levels, there's a great way to get exp. Go back to the first two areas. On the bottom of the map there are level 40 monsters. Give someone a rifle and lure one off by itself (i recommend the nightmares first, they have two attacks, one is an instant death spell that is annoying but easily dealt with, and the other is an attack that knocks everyone down to 1 hp. Luckily, this doesn't matter when he doesn't have a follow up to finish you off ). I got from 18 to 23 killing the monsters down here, it was great fun. Just be wary of the liches, they can wipe you out in a heartbeat if you're unlucky with the first spell its over before it starts. Save often.

Now! You have 6 members and you're fighting a level 40 mob, or any tough sonovabitch, how are you going to take him down without dying? By being cheap! They can only target one person at once, that leaves five to go after them. If its a meleers, its simple, just run away and let them follow. When they switch targets, switch runners. This can be time consuming, and its easier to just get someone with evasion. If they are ranged, its a similar idea. An arrow (or spell) fired goes straight at the target character. If you're moving perpendicular to the attack, the spell will almost certainly miss. And viola, immortality. This is time consuming, but another great way to take out mage bosses you run into.

General Info:
Leveled perks have 3 levels (I think) Elemental resistance ones are not worth it. The one that makes it so you get 2 perks every two levels operates on a 5-10-15 schedule, not 3-8-13 if you get it at level 3. So you can get it at level 9, then get 2 more perks at level 10. Characters do not join you with perks, so the early you get someone the most you can customize them. Slightly annoying when you see someone nice later in the game.
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