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About stats, tanks and other stuff

Agility - seems to be the most overpowered attribute. Evasion, accuracy, speed, attack speed (wich is bugged in my oppinion) depends on it. At level 20 I managed to have 100+ agility on main tank (Rada) and I had great fun waching the enemy "miss miss miss".

I did not finished the game, but I wanted to test myself. So at lev. 20 I went back at starting point and I atacked the lev. 40 undeads from Grey Border. It worked, and worked well.

Victor: machine gun + once in a while buff spells (DD)
Rada: blade + shield (tank)
Telle: DD + buffer + healer
Terry: machine gun / flamer (DD)
Loy: dagger + shield (2nd tank, DD)
Outskirter: bow

Takes about 10 seconds to put down a lev. 40 undead. XP is great, loot is even better. Only when the party is kinda cornered (and that is NOT happen often) I pause the game and throw one of two specials. Yes, sometimes money are short, the bullets are expensive, but this is the price you have to pay for superior firepower.

Victor build:
Attributes: each level 3 agil, 1 perc, 1 build, 1 str or int
Skills: all in tech tree mechanics, chemistry, catalists.
Perks: all ranged / critical related. Nothing that decreases stats.

Attrib: 3-4 int, 1-2 build, 1 agil
Skills: stigma, armor (spell) or robes improvement
Perks: mana regen, spell efficiency

Attribs: 2 str, 2 build, 2 agil
Skills: swiftness, lone hunter or master of dagger
Perks: dodge, attack speed

Attrib: 4 agil, 1 build, 1 perc
Skills: master of arrows, armor
Perks: all ranged combat related

Attrib: 3 agil, 1 build, 2 perc
Skills: mechanics, chemistry
Perks: ranged

Attrib: 2 str, 2 build, 2 agil
Skills: master of dagger, armor
Perks: melee, hp regen

I'm not saying is the only way to go, I'm just showing you what I used and works nice.

Have fun, I come back to game, I have a Slayer to made.
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