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Guys, please calm down a bit. There were rumors several years ago that disk protection SF affects DVD drives performance (and even breaks them) and system stability, but:

1) Current SF protection is online-activated DRM (you enter your key and the game activates). SF protection that checked DVD disk is long obsolete and, obviously, you don't have a DVD disk in the first place if you buy the game online.
2) Rumours that this old SF disk protection adversly affected anything are just a weird urban legend, likely inspired by the fact that SF disk protection was harder to crack than it's competitors in most cases. If you have even a basic undersanding of how PCs work, you would know that it is very difficult to do something on software level to break the hardware. SF is a commercial product, not a trojan on fraud site, why would it's creators even want to damage your PC or data in any way? It is not proven that disk protection SF affected DVD drives or system stability in any way to this day.

Believe it or not - it's up to you. Most 1C titles being sold online use online SF ProActive DRM, just for your information.
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