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Hi Oleg,

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I hope Oleg and team see this 'heads up', some excellent work indeed, in fact mind blowing. However the spitfire cockpit created is a later war MkV, with some Mk ll in places.

A Mk1 spitfire has the following in the cockpit:-
Volts and amps gauges one above the other to right of gunsight
Two Fuel gauges bottom right with two press to read buttons
One starter button not two
No red light bottom right
Two fuel cock levers.
Landing Lamp raise lower lever and control arm, sited on frame 8 to left of compass.
Switch to turn lamp on, sited below Nose UP/down gauge
Large MkIIIa time of trip clock face flush with panel surface and not the later smaller type that sticks out a lot as they have.
Single tier rudder pedals, very collectable and highly prized as they typify Mk1 BoB spits.
Elevator Trim wheel they have is the bakelite MK II onwards type, Mk1 had an aluminium dish with grit/rubber coated edge curled inwards (v tricky to make)
Subtle details would be a blanking plate to left of gunsight covering the hole for the flaps indicator gauge.

They also need to replace the all brass Hurricane gun button with the aluminium front half spitfire one, again a classic collectors piece. Also ditch the green lettering and details on the Turn Bank as that’s a post war or late war usage.

See the Mk1 Spit cockpit in BoB Wings of Victory for how it should be. Some of these are significant differences so I hope its not deemed to be rivet counting, they are how one tells the difference between Mk1 and later cockpits.

Just a little surprised with all the apparent research the team are doing that this has happened. Hope they see this and amend before release.

Could someone indicate this has got through to the team there please.
(Post 'heads up' suggested by Pilgrim_UK )



so many differences
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