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Mayhski is right. A third look overview from behind the car will kill the atmosphere. it was amazing for every warning that you must have a look at all mirrors. where is this damn person who is chasing me?

i miss those spikes too. it was so funny when you started in the middle of the field that you could ram all others before you used the heavy guns.
saved a lot of ammo and if you run out of it. you could finish them by ramming them.

i hope this will be a really good remake of death track and not be like a kind of bad damn "MEGA RACE" (part 1 was ok, the rest was shit).

the game "have a nice day" was near to the old death track but the tracks wasn´t. hope you take a good look on the old tracks. they were fine. every track were good to use short and long range weapons.
caltrops, mines were dropped in the curves. laser, beams, rockets, gun mostly straight parts or from higher points in curves.

flatout, P.O.D. was nice but i missed the weapons.

video looks ok. presentation like megarace. moveable weapons (guns) kill the fun. guns and every weapon like laser, gun, etc. should be fix. so nice steering is necessary.
this is racing and no deer hunting.

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