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For succesful no loss u need summoners for meatshield and a tough units. Also multiple ways of restroing your army, since in hgarder battles one way might not be enough. Paladin is great for that. I had trouble picking range unit as well and i ended up with herersiach and wizard. Both have great utility for no loss. ONly problem i had was elves. Somehow elves in this game or at elast in my game have 90% magic resist making my casters almost useless. Damage wise at least still 50% dmg reduction from shield helps a lot and also i toyed with his push ability to put enemies in traps ;p However in your army u already have 2 ranged units and with magic magic dmg so i would say paladin or a kinght here would be good idea.
For no loss battles crowd control is very important many tough units u can lock down with just slow and trap. Also target is must have spell. Never pick units which u cant restore like black dragons. Well if u gat black dragon in early game its awesome but in late game they will be only a burden.
If u want no loss mage u must pray for phoenix spell pretty fast.

PErsonaly i dont have patience for full no loss touigh did it in AP on hard with lizard/human army once. I dont liek loosing units and most my battles are no loss but sometimes i cant bother to relaod hard battle for one unit lost in last turn ;s

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