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Well, I'm playing the Orc now and using mostly dragons:

1. Demonologists- With Creation, no need for more resurrect than that so far. Not only THAT, but the thread of life spell is serious damage to stacks. Hell, it's worth using with the extra charges to heal 20hp of damage just to use the ability(vs dwarves as no matter how good your stacks are, you still have a ton to kill even though they're largely ineffective)
2. Shaman- Basically there to heal the dragons more than damage anything
3. Dragon Riders
4. Red Dragons
5. Emerald Dragons

I've found that, yes, the Blood Priestess can increase the stacks of Emerald and Red Dragons. With low mana, the Emerald Dragon flourishes for you and hits pretty hard with all the extra attack the orc has.

Only Problem: The Shaman are borderline useless in Gremlin battles. I "may" when they become available, use Chemists instead. Their Healing Bottles heal even the Dragon Riders and Black Dragons..if only they resurrected,eh?

The orc needs those leadership artifacts/regalia as they're the key to him as he simply doesn't get enough leadership to even remotely compare with the Demoness. Lucky for the Multiplication Tables and Batons. Both seem to be at least 2 of in every playthrough so far.

I'm using mostly Order spells with him so far and probably distortion later in the game. Seems to go perfectly well without bothering to put one point in Chaos.

Once I get firmly settled(soon) I'll experiment with other units. As to what I've tested so far with him:
Spirit Talkers are pretty damned good despite their low health. They hit hard, need no movement, and their abilities are useful. They even hit hard on Gremlin towers. Odd, but true.

Orc Chieftains? Suck. Basically spend most time resurrecting/healing them even if they 'hang back'.

Ogres? Haven't tried them in this yet, but in others, they were worse than the chieftains.

Humans do as good as with the Vampire and Demoness.

1. Why is the best armor in the game a friggin' lab coat?
2. Has anyone seen the spells/abilities Night Power and Dark Cover? I haven't in all playthroughs. Necro Call?Night Power and Dark Cover are part of the spells you cast for medals, yet I haven't seen them.
3. When the enemy bosses use Last Hero, does it often result in a CTD for you?
4. Why haven't I completed a single set of Items in all playthroughs? Closest I came was the Elven set 3/4
5. Why aren't the Circus guy's, the Marie Curie's, and the Dwarven items, all of which have 4, not a set with a bonus for using all 4. Perhaps if upgraded the entire way?
6. Does the game seem "incomplete" to you?

I'm feeling that the missing things could be intended for an expansion to the series. Some parts of the game seem incomplete in the manner of "will be there in the expansion". Darenbam, Bear Butte(anyone else catch the pun?), and Sandy Isles in particular, plus there's parts with clouds on the main map that could contain islands not seen yet. Others?

The Shelter often feels incomplete. It has what it needs for this, but seems like it's waiting for expansion to fill up
-A building to recruit Traitor humans
-A building to recruit Dark Dwarves
-A building to recruit Dark Elves
-A building for the Lizards
-Dark Vikings
The Military Commander seems to have too little to do as it is. The Lizards and Vikings at least could be used for that. Plus, quests could be made for all of the above complete with new shelter occupants for it.
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