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I admire the courage of your convictions. When so many others are having a damn fine time, but you stand apart, refusing to get involved must require a real strength of character.

Btw, I'm running Steam atm, as you'd probably guess. It's using 88mb of memory. By way of comparison Chrome, my browser, is using 217mb.

I have 4 gigs of ram. This footprint is not really killing me. As regards it phoning home - I don't think you have anything to worry about; unless, of course, you do have something to worry about.

Edit: I'd like to recognise the truth of El Auren noting it is a complication. But it is a very, very minor complication, and one that comes with many additional benefits. It's really worth weighing these up judiciously and without prejudice; but all I hear from the NOSTEAM crowd is prejudice and fear.

But hey! It's up to you. Some people just hate moving with the times. As said, IL-2 is a fine piece of software and whilst I regret leaving you back in the last decade, you gotta stay where you're happy. I wish you could come with us.

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