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Originally Posted by WTE_Galway View Post
This is kind of a biased survey.

The sort of person that is online and posting on forums is most likely already using Steam. (Most of the real life people I know that play or have played IL2_1946 bought it in a store and have never played it online ever, those people obviously never come to this forum)

That is going to bias the results a bit.
What are you talking about? I have always played Il2 offine, at least 99% of the time. And I have haunted all of the forums. Do you think that just because someone prefers to play a game in offline mode means they never get on a computer and get on the internet?? If that were true how would I have ever found out about new game updates or patches and such? Or get help with a game problem. Heck, if I played IL2 but never got online on a PC I'd probably still be playing the original title from 2001 with no patches at all, just the original game. Oh wait! I guess people like us get game patches from friends by having them snail mail them to us on a CDR!! NOT!!

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