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Exclamation I'm not sure what's wrong!

I really apologize for this. I'm not sure if you read the included README, but the version that I made the mod on is for the Gamer's Gate V1.7 version of the game.

Please let me know the steps you followed to try to play the mod. I'll also try to perform some steps on my end to see if I can duplicate your error messages.

If it ends up being a version issue, I might need you to email me the ses.kfs and loc_ses.kfs files (in the sessions\base folder) to see if the file names are different.

We'll get this figured out!


Originally Posted by Fatt_Shade View Post
Hello Mat I dl your mod and checked some things i wanted to copy to CW (spell mechanics, change to partial skill bonuses etc), but when i actually try to play game with your mod i get error : Error signature App name kb.exe, App version . . .
So i cant even start game with your mod in game/data/mods/mod_homm3_babies . . .
What patch did you make mod for ? Or am i missing something else
Originally Posted by Erkilmarl View Post
Matt: The game won't load. I checked the lng files but can't imagine any other prefix than eng_ since my game is the english version, from the original (European if that matters) DVD disc, updated to version 1.7.
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