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Originally Posted by mitra View Post
The adding you propose is more matter of budget and time; unluckily they don't have the number of people and the budget of CA; perhaps if RW2 will sell well, we will see them.

I think that for the lines you must play around the graphical settings , to some people changing it work. Personally I play deactivanting the pseudo hdr. The light effects are great to see but in game I prefer the contrast of darker colours.

If you like to play multiplayer join our xfire group, me and Berto we are almost all the evening (21-23 CET) so when you want play you need only to ask.
Well thanks old chap.. sound advice.. I will join xfire.. however I very rarely play in multi-player mode.. I might if I get some time...

As for real warfare 2.. I am looking forward to the release old boy.. certainly you will have a convert.
Adding the little touches as I ,mention is quite important in selling games these days, mores the pity... however the nice little touches with archers in Real warfare is fantastic.. none of the Total war games have that... so I do hope the developers build on this kind of extra all makes for an exciting and stimulating experience.
Real warfare 2 should have no problems in attracting players who enjoy more historically accurate and proper strategy games...with the addition of campaign maps, well I think this is the way ahead.. I am tired of strategy games becoming too arcadish myself?

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