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Here are some screenshots from Battle of Evesham

Prince Edward watching his Army in deployment stage

Two Knight Units decided to hide somewhere to flank the enemy

Prince Edward's Army

Baronial forces Army:

Prince Edward's Army Marching forward:

Baronial Archers aiming

Edward Archer returning fire

Showering the enemy with arrows

Edward sowrdsmen marching towards the enemy with shield up, blocking thier arrows

The clash has begin

Edward's Cav flanking the enemy archers


Kill them all

Baronial knights tried to save the situation, but Edward's pikemen blocked the bridge

Edwards other pikemen marching to block the other end of the bridge

At the same time the archers will shower the enemy knights with arrow

Time to block the other end of the bridge

The enemy knights are trapped on the bridge

Prince Edward is watching the the last enemy knight getting slaughtered by pikemen

The bridge is clear now

Victory my lord

The enemy corpses

Going back home
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