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Originally Posted by barbalaappa View Post
OK, my first though when reading about the plotted campaign was very much "Yeah, riiiight..." Then again, it's a single player off-line campaign, I mostly fly online and have a growing interest towards co-op missions anyway. No damage done if it turns out to be bad and if it's done well... No harm in having new campaign types.

Then, I started thinking more on this and realized that the Spit Girl/Renegade campaign is just a Proof of Concept. If such campaign can be built by mission makers, the canned campaign in the release CoD is actually a demo of what can be achieved. Which means. Dramatized historical missions at least. Finally, mission makers will be able to script and build campaigns that recreate actual historical moments in dramatic form. Think the other CoD , but in full real simulation mode. Think about flying through an interactive Mysticpuma movie

Theoretically, I could create a campaign about the career of my own grandfather, who flew in the RAF in Italy, 1943. Grantred, His exploits didn't include war brides in the cockpit or backstabbing squadron mates , but there were interesting moments enough for a plotted campaign With dramatic campaign builder, or whatever it's going to be called, I could make a representation of his stories, including scripted dialogues etc. The Avarage War of the Avarage Joe Fighter Pilot, if you will.

Or one could create a campaign about a famous ace, like Douglas Bader or even a test pilot like Hanna Reitsch. This could sort of be possible in IL-2 series, but the result would be sterile, with no drama. This new approach by Oleg might be game changing, if it is given a proper chance and tools. I'm starting to hope this actually works out.
That's exactly what i've been thinking lately. I think these missions with the girl and the renegade are just a demo of what the new FMB can do.
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