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As a Co-Op squad who has made the leapto CloD we are trying to continue our campaign in the new engine with a slow Battle of France theatre, obviously with the lack of French fighters we are doing a more defensive role against British bomber raids and rear guard fighter action. We are doing this using the main lobby with the main map hosted as a dogfight map, it's difficult and isn't ideal but we have managed to get a few successful missions in now without any crashes or lock ups by using a non flying host machine and "in house" rules and guidelines.

I'm very much looking forward to them releasing the stability/AI/Coop fixes soon so we can get everything back on track properly and focus on the teamwork element again rather than the "what works and what doesn't" run throughs we have been having to do.

That said during our "unofficial" flights we tend to drop in on ATAG or other servers and do small unit tactics across the channel.
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