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Originally Posted by bf-110 View Post
Thanks for the info!
Also,I noticed there are some mods that are in HD.Is there any problem if you put them with the other mods or they need a separate install as well?
If you are referring to the High-Res mod,
This mod is supposed to be compatible with any game version from 4.09m onwards, regardless which modpack (DBW, UP, HSFX, SAS Modact, Histomod, whatever else) you use. Your existing skins etcetera will still work fine. I have been using it in different versions with no problems.

The High-Res Mod is already included in SASModAct5.3

Originally Posted by bf-110 View Post
And please,when the 4.13 patch gets released,will I have to erase the modded IL2 folder and install everything again over the new patched copy?
As DD_crash says.

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